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Gaming On the Go: The Increasing Popularity of Smartphone

Smartphones have definitely become a part of our daily lives; hence, we have learned that there are daily tasks that we can do using this small but powerful gadget. Before, we needed our laptops to be able to access the internet and/or edit and view documents. However, with the dawn of these phones came the realization that we do not need to bring our bulky and heavier equipment whenever we need to do simple tasks. Even gaming, for example is no longer limited to the more powerful desktop computers or laptops. One can take advantage of free slots games to play at or enjoy graphic-intensive games and have fun on the go with the use of tablet computers and smartphones. Truly, doing daily tasks and even gaming can be done without being dependent to power source.

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We can say that mobile gaming is not a product of the rise of smartphones. Mobile gaming devices such as the Nintendo DS and Playstation Portable have long been dominating the mobile gaming market. We can also argue that the quality of the games, in terms of visuals and complexity, tilts in favor of the dedicated mobile gaming devices. However, the gap on the said quality is starting to dwindle, with various quality games are being released both at the App Store and Google Play Store. The increase of quality games in Android and iOS may be one of the factors why the dedicated mobile gaming devices are slowly losing its appeal. Though it would be foolish to say that the industry is dying, one can’t deny the fact that it has been affected by the increasing popularity of smartphones games.


Another evidence of the increasing popularity of games in iPhones and Android devices is that more and more games are being released as time passes. This can be an indication that industry players see the demand in the market for quality mobile games. Newly released movies and blockbusters from Marvel and DC also become games released by major mobile game developers and studios. One can also notice that most games in PS4 or Xbox have its mobile versions—thus further proving the fact that the smartphone and tablet gaming market is a vital one.


The continuous improvement in terms of hardware and software upgrade that mobile phones are getting only stand to benefit the mobile gaming industry. Better specs mean more visually appealing and complex apps and games that can be released on the market. Games for both iOS and Android will be more competitive with games from other platforms. This scenario will definitely be a win-win situation for avid gamers as more choices of quality games can be expected from developers. One can imagine browsing for various games in the next years, and finding several titles originally made for PCs or Xbox in the Play Store and App Store.


Undoubtedly, the quality of the games in smartphones and tablets are closing in on its counterparts from other platforms. Mobile gamers can only expect a brighter future in this already thriving industry.