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5 Great Reasons to Study Abroad

If you’re in university, chances are you’re in the routine of studying, going to class, taking tests and enjoying time with your friends. But have you considered that you could do all of this and more while studying abroad? It might sound a bit scary at first, but taking a semester or a year out to study out of your country can be one of the best experiences of your life. Here are 5 reasons why:


Gain New Perspectives

Traveling helps you see things about the world and yourself that you might not otherwise if you never left your own country. When we’re immersed solely in one country, we tend to have a limited view of the world. It’s only natural; we’re bombarded by media and our own society imposing its views of the world. Getting away from your country helps you see things from another place, and view your own life from a different lens.

Broaden your Experiences

So I’m sure you’re having a blast at university, but think for a moment how your horizons could be expanded by spending a semester or year in a foreign country. You can finally see the things you only read in books back at home, and learn about foreign cultures firsthand. You’ll gain an appreciation for different cultures and humanity in general like you never did before.

Learn a Language

You can sit in a college classroom for 4 years trying to learn Italian, or you can move to Rome for a year and become fluent. The fact is, you must be immersed in a foreign language to learn it properly, so take this opportunity to broaden your skills. The bonus of this is that you’ll learn get to be immersed in the culture as well! Where better to learn Italian than over a plate of homemade pasta, anyway

Improve your Professional Potential

Employers love applicants with international experience who can bring something new to the table. If you’ve studied abroad, you might have some different skills that would put you above someone who stayed in the country for their full years of study. Spending time abroad means you know how to relate with all different kinds of people, you’re flexible in unexpected situations and you know how to take a risk.

Change your Life

A final note on studying abroad: be prepared for it to change your life forever. You might head off to study in London thinking you’ll just travel for a semester or a year, but the feeling might become an addiction! Adventures, new experiences and wonderful lifelong relationships will all be opened up to you once you step outside of your comfort zone. If you end up working and traveling abroad for years to come, don’t say I didn’t warn you! Welcome to the club! 🙂