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How VMware Hosting Offers True Scalability for Next-Generation IT

As IT converges in the cloud, connecting as it does every facet of business, leading firms are finding dynamic ways to engage staff, customers and partners across their networks. They are doing so through the virtualisation of IT infrastructure.

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In this regard, VMware is the industry leading virtualisation platform because it offers the most significant benefit of all for business models that are so vastly different and rapidly changing. VMware is the most scalable cloud based IT solution, helping businesses to continuously maximise their online presence with IT operations and strategy that is always ahead of the game.

As enterprise increasingly looks to technology to elevate brand awareness, product delivery and service support, so too the demands on IT increase. It is here that having a scalable solution becomes pivotal to on-going success. More than ever, a strategic vision must see you looking to innovate and grow your business or run the risk of being left behind by competitors that are quicker to market, more responsive to change and attentive to stakeholders. VMware offers the perfect solution for such scalability, facilitating your business as it evolves and is subjected to radical changes that occur all the time.

VMware Hosting Scalability
For flexibility, speed and resilience, VMware hosting is a scalable managed virtualisation solution built for the benefit of your company as it aims to become an innovative leader. To make this possible, your business needs to be able to handle the fluid nature of website traffic, spikes in activity and performance bottlenecks that ensue. All such challenges are impacted to various degrees by seasonality, market trends, operational strategy and customer behaviours. This is where virtualisation hosting and VMware in particular, sets the standard.

VMware hosting enables businesses of all shapes and sizes to maximise cloud computing capabilities and lower the TCO of IT, whilst maximising ROI through the deployment of a robust and resilient managed virtualisation platform. It delivers scalable performance as your network grows and your presence needs to support complex structures of users.

VMware enables businesses to scale out or up as required, based on budget, size of infrastructure requirements and resource allocation, all within a virtual IT platform that is purpose built and customisable. Scalability with such flexibility helps maintain optimum performance, network connectivity and automates administration as you grow. This provides huge cost savings, organisational control and immediate tangible benefits to all levels of users that demand more and more from your IT infrastructure. Not to mention complete peace of mind for you running a service that is fault tolerant, has built-in efficiencies, immaculate uptime and complete recoverability.

A virtualisation platform running VMware provides better memory management for the scalability of your capital assets. It does so by consolidating traditional IT onto virtual machines that can be controlled via a single server and expert third party management support. These ‘intelligent machines’ run on cutting-edge technology maintain optimum performance and minimise downtime so that there is minimal impact on end users. By combining technologies and load balancing resources, VMware hosting can run multiple hardware configurations, operating systems applications and communications, to consolidate your entire IT strategy around virtual machines.

With product offerings such as vSphere and vFabric, organisations are finding virtualisation infrastructure of this kind meets their IT demands and comes in significantly under budget. Dependable from the ground up, VMware hosting provides monitoring capabilities, robust architecture and ever optimised performance that is infinitely scalable as your business grows.

For network efficiency and resilience, VMware is shaping the success of businesses around the world, all of whom are seeing the true benefits of IT scalability that is fully configurable and distributed around the specific aims of their business vision.