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Australian Mobility Is Growing

In Australia the smart phone has huge market penetration. There are few countries in the world where a larger percentage of the population owns a smart phone. The present figure is around 65% and that exceeds all but four countries worldwide and those countries do not include the major Western Economies. Growth has risen from just 37% in 2011, through the halfway mark in 2012 to the present figure.

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There are several reasons which do not just apply to Australia.  It can be something as simple as fashion and the desire to have the latest model, while improved networks and software are obviously factors. The Chief Technology Officer of Telstra sees it as a natural consequence of a population spread out over a huge country. That is even though the Internet has no geographical limitations.

Business potential

The report suggests that Australians are admitting to increasing their use and obviously if they are using smartphones for Internet access as a matter of course then that is a factor that every progressive business needs to factor into their strategy. Indeed, what are the implications for business?


Enterprise mobility will obviously help business to makes itself more efficient as well as improving its chances of reaching its target audience.  Modern technology in general has changed so much and is continuing to do so. The Internet is the major marketing tool at the disposal of every company and any that hope for a successful future must seriously consider how best to use it. That involves an interesting website that can begin to interact with consumers that are interested in its goods and services.

The fact that so many people are going online with smartphones means that designers need to make sure that websites also display well on a small screen. Sales and marketing is just part of the equation. Smartphones can be integrated into a company’s administrative infrastructure so that employees can actually work on their smartphones wherever they are.

It poses a challenge to security because no company wants its data to be compromised. It won’t be if the specialist that is engaged to set things up and cater for future needs has demonstrated its track record and capacity to keep pace with new innovations.

Working practices

It is certainly a change in working practice. Years ago companies tended to have a base with sales staff on the road but they did not have workers who could actually interact from a distance with others to prepare and amend reports so that the end result was online but password protected from unauthorised access. The economic signs are improving so now is the time to perhaps look at what is available and discuss your needs with a specialist. You may not be very good when it comes to things technological but if you accept the broad principle of the popularity of smartphones, it should be enough for you to act.


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