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How To Finance Your SME

A good idea is rarely enough on its own to get a business off the ground. Putting your ideas into reality when it comes to business can sometime be a slow process – one which requires a lot of hard work and research to acquire the funding.

accountancy software

Fortunately, as the government makes plans to speed the growth of the UK economy, there are an increasing number of options being made available to small and medium sized enterprises, especially those starting out.

Here, we take a look at several things you might want to consider when looking to finance your SME.


Government Schemes

The government is looking to SMEs to provide a much needed boost to the UK economy this year. There are a number of efforts being made at the moment to make funding available for small and medium sized companies looking for an injection of funds.

Both banks and venture capital firms are being encouraged to offer financing for start-ups of a certain size. Those looking for funding for their companies need to make themselves aware of such schemes and to recognise which of them they may be eligible for. Where necessary, they may need to register with these schemes to put themselves on the radar of potential investors.



Those who are looking to invest in smaller companies will not only be looking at the products which you make, but also at the way in which you run your company. Showing yourself to be pro-active when it comes to seeking funds can make all the difference in this respect.

Don’t be afraid to use tools such as social media to reach out to potential investors. You can’t always expect the money to come to you – sometimes you’ll need to go looking for it.


Managing Your Finances 

The ability to finance your own company is not all about attracting funding. Just as important as the funds coming in is the management of your available funds. Try accounting online to make matters simple and to ensure that you have a comprehensive overview of your company finances every step of the way.

Using tools such as accountancy software can help to simplify aspects of business which are both essential and tricky to understand. They can also dramatically reduce the cost of employing further members of your team. Having a clear presentation of your funds can help you to make shrewd decision concerning the future of your SME.