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Protect Those Precious Gadgets; Why Insurance is Paramount

Sure, getting older and buying endless reams of cool technology is all well and good but we’re growing up now so it  should be stressed to everybody in every circle that unless you can deal with the heartbreak of smashing your new tech, insurance is the only way to go.


For us generation Yers, glued to our iphones, locked to our macbook pros that stuff doesn’t come cheap, the importance of insurance is real. And speaking from experience a dropped camera, or a sat-0n ipad is enough to draw a tear from my normally dry eyes. But alas all is not lost, there are so many kinds of insurance to cover our precious techie goods – so read up and be sure to be prepared!


Security Oh imagine the relief of watching your new 3D TV and not worrying if it breaks down, or falls over. Insurance will give you a sense of safety that you aren’t going to lose everything due to an unfortunate turn of events that was out of your control to begin with. It can secure you against loss or damage but the knowledge that it’s their is almost as valuable as the actual service. Sleep well my friends, your Samsung collection is safe!

This doesn’t just go for possessions like an iphone, ipad, home, or car. You can also get events insured like a wedding. There is no reason to have to worry about being covered if anything goes wrong on the big day. Once your covered you can let all of that worry go. Someone pass me a beer.



Picture the day – surrounded saved for and bought, wall mounted LED saved for and bought. It’s move night, time to enjoy the fruits of your labour. Broken pipe, everything soaked – months of saving gone down the drain, almost literally. If you are insured and the worst happens, you’ll have covered your own back and won’t have to worry about leaning on others for help. Everyone dreads having to call a friend or a relative to ask for money, take yourself out of that situation by having your own back. Rest assured, if the worst happens you won’t be begging to momma and pappa, you’ll be set.


Regret (or lack thereof)

Picture the scenario – thousands of dollars on your new entertainment system/laptop/DSLR. Then you have the quick decision, should I get insurance? It’s not much extra, but i’ve already forked out a fortune for all my tech. Ahh forget it, my stuff will be fine. You drop your tech on the way into your apartment smashed on day one. That $49.99 insurance doesn’t seem to pricey now buddy huh?!

The regret you’ll feel is not worth the money you saved, trust me I know! Do yourself a favour and avoid the risk of that sinking, deep lurking regret. It’s the worst. Play it safe brother. It’s the only way

Don’t get caught in a turn of unfortunate events and be in more trouble than you can handle. Take the necessary steps to look out for yourself and your family. Getting insured is one of the most responsible things that you can do.